Liam Deegan

Tapping the Subject

The thoughts of a consumer, not yet a connoisseur:

Alcohol is one of the most interesting substances in human history, and has perhaps the longest history.  My opinion is that alcohol is one of the perennial favorite  things to consume, with food as a close second.  Those in opposition consider these two suggestions: “let’s grab a sandwich,” or “Let’s grab a drink”.  Grabbing a drink has always outweighed food if not for the simple fact that those of the two phrases “let’s grab a drink” will either get a favorable or enthusiastic response or wins out just by the frequency of use.  Anyone from perfect strangers to the closest married couple can share a drink, and not many strangers could enjoy a meal more comfortably than a “round on me”.  Alcohol, or any shared beverage for that matter, is a great equalizer.  Going back to our ancestors, even the act of sharing food would be an unbalanced venture, as cuts of meat are favored over others.  A community chalice being passed around creates a bond between all imbibers and also derails any suspicions of the host trying to poison his guests.

I also find alcohol to be a staple of humanity, both for its use and as a product.  It is heavily branded, and marketed,  much more than any food or tobacco product, and if I still haven’t convinced those of you who believe food or tobacco are the forerunners  of consumable products, consider this: Soda and fast food, perhaps the two most marketed and branded products in the world don’t have the audience or reach that alcohol does, including the fact that people have always brewed or distilled at home and always will, no matter the laws in place.  What adds to the mystique of something that accepted products like food or soda don’t have is that there is large group of people who oppose alcohol, definitely more than those who are opposed to tobacco.  Alcohol is an anomaly.  It is as abused as any drug, yet accepted and consumed as any food.  It has a romantic and exciting history and the alcohol industry is laced with more tradition and legacy than an American automobile company.  Alcohol has too much appeal to deny as a subject of study.

Liam Deegan

If you have any questions about where to get the beers on this site, please let me know.


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  1. liam i had no idea you write about this shizz…very interesting. ❤ meg

  2. This book is sitting in my school’s library on display and I thought of you

    Drink: A Cultural History of Alcohol
    by Iain Gately

    (It just came out)

    I enjoy reading your reviews!

    You should go on a tour and document the brews you try so you can suggest places and beers to drink to people all over the country no matter where they are and what is accessible and brewed nearby.

    Maybe you’ve already thought of this…

    much love liam

  3. Didn’t realize there was another beer blog out of New Orleans. Great job and keep up the good work!


    The Beer Buddha

  4. Hey Liam, Hadn’t checked out your site till now. Great work man, I am impressed. I will spread the word here in Colorado and at the liquor store I work at. We carry most of the brews you have reviewed so your site would be beneficial to our customers. Two of my favorite breweries that you should check out are Avery out of Boulder, CO and Great Divide (Just a few blocks from my place in Denver). See if you can get your hands on some of their pounders. Get out to Denver at some point and we can do some brewery tours.

    I’ll be checking your site for new postings and thanks for the great info!!

    – Skan

  5. Liam! Strong work my man, interesting insights. This will be an invaluable resource when I’m back in the West trying to blunt the edges of reverse culture shock. Keep it up! Hope all is well xx

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