Liam Deegan

Beer Review: Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus

In Lambic, Reviews on March 3, 2011 at 12:59 pm

Cantillon makes some really complex and old school Belgian beers, mostly bottle conditioned and corked.  This beer is no different.  Gambrinus, depending on who you ask, is a character related to beer, brewing, drinking and most notably the patron saint of beer.  This beer has Gambrinus on the label enjoying among other things, some beer.  The rest of the interpretation, history, and how much you enjoy the beer is up to you.  Here is my review:

Pours a red brick and copper color with a lively pink tinted head.

In the nose, aromas of funky raspberry, tart cherry, and earthy notes come through the most, with faint barnyard notes of hay, grass, leather, etc.

A sip opens with a burst of bright, tart raspberry.  It is sweet and tart all the way through with some funk and sour on the end.

Overall the brightness and high carbonation of the beer accompanied by the complex fruit and earthy finish makes this beer enjoyable and definitely one to contemplate.  It is well balanced, not overly tart or sweet with no overwhelming funkiness to it.  I would save it for after dinner, the raspberry will go great with rich chocolate desserts or some cheese in the late afternoon.

Style: Fruit Lambic

ABV: 5%


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