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Beer Review: Harpoon Leviathan Baltic Porter

In Baltic Porter, Reviews on October 2, 2010 at 12:43 pm

Another Leviathan series beer from Harpoon.  A Baltic Porter similar to the India Pale Ale and the Russian Imperial Stout, because it resulted from the appeal of English ales to people living along the empire’s trade routes or beyond.  As tastes developed, necessity required a resilient beer to stand up to traveling conditions as it made it’s way.  Just as Russian Imperial Stouts were made stronger to last the voyage, Baltic Porters were brewed in order for it to last in less than ideal conditions. Here’s my review:

Pours a deep dark brown with chestnut highlights.  It has a minimal ring of medium, off-white bubbles.

The aroma is rich with sherry and oak notes, with roasty malt and roasted coffee and a hint of earthy hops and dark fruit.

Super rich chocolate malt up front on the tongue.  The minor sweetness fades to bittersweet flavors with wood and earth tones.  Cocoa and espresso blend in a roasty, dry and bitter finish.

It is crisp and dry with a prickly carbonation.  This porter is quite a balancing act.  It is not too sweet, and not overwhelmingly roasty or bitter.  It is smooth but delivers a crisp finish.

With food, I would suggest pairing it with rich flavors.  Gamey or otherwise smoked meat.  Venison sounds pretty good right about now.  If you are so inclined after your meal, enjoy this with a robust cigar.

Style: Baltic Porter

ABV: 9.5%

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