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Top 100 Beer Tastings at the Avenue Pub

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For those of you not familiar with BeerAdvocate, it is a great website dedicated to beer and brings together all of us with a great affinity for all things beer. They have user generated reviews of beers that culminates in the coveted “Best of BA” Top 100 list. Many make a mission to taste all that are on the list and some choose to argue the top 10 and especially the number 1 spot.
One of my recent reviews, Black Tuesday was a very controversial #1 before falling a few months after its release day.
Thanks to the owner, Polly Watts, The Avenue Pub on St. Charles in New Orleans, has done several tastings which feature many top 100 beers. I have been to most of them and they have all been great, especially since many of the top 100 beers are unavailable in Louisiana and some are even hard to get without standing in line for hours.
Below is a list of the beers from the tastings and my notes on them.

La Fin Du Monde – Unibroue
Prickly carbonation and a clove spice, lots of esters and a pairing of clean grain with bright fruity notes that ends in a dry finish with the yeast shining through.

Peche Mortel – Dieu Du Ciel

Saint Lamvinus – Cantillon
Purple, rosey color with an initial burst of dark and tart cherries, raspberry and cranberry, with green apple fleeting through sparkling carbonation. A citrus and acidic puckering leads to a dry and light finish.

Bourbon County Stout – Goose Island

Hopslam – Bell’s
Golden straw in color with a tight white head. Strong pine and floral aroma with fruity pineapple and grapefruit citrus notes over a hint of malt. The taste is all hops up front. Mango, pineapple then some earthiness that turns to a bitter pine finish with a creamy mouthfeel. Great warm weather Imperial IPA

Dreadnaught – Three Floyds
Golden straw in appearance with a creamy white head. Bready malt nose with floral, citrus rind and grapefruit. The taste is reverse with mostly pine coming through, followed by a good dose of malt. Another creamy Imperial IPA that starts a bit perfumey and bitter and then changes to a sweet yet piney finish.

Heffeweissbier – Weihenstephaner
Yellow straw colored. Strong banana and clove presence in the nose with spice, yeast and bubblegum. Bright esters on the palate, more banana and clove followed by clean grain and some bread notes. This classice heffe is bubbly, crisp and has a nice spiced finish.

Hop Rod Rye – Bear Republic

Saison – Fantome
Cloudy gold color, fruity peach and mango nose. Fruity taste upfront with an effervescence mid palate that delivers grain and an earthiness on back which gives way to a spicy, tart and dry finish.

Breakfast Stout – Founder’s
Dark brown with a mocha colored halo of foam. Rich roast coffee bean aroma, chocolate and a hint of vanilla. Deep coffee taste with those roasty flavors coming through very well. Dry cocoa powder lends to a fantastic and lasting finish. The lighter body makes it a perfect breakfast beer.

Edmund Fitzgerald Porter – Great Lakes
Dark brown with hazelnut highlights. Fruity nose with roast malt and a light oat and nutty aroma. Dark roasty malt rolls over the palate with a sweetness followed by a light floral and bitter hop presence on back with a lasting bittersweet and roasty finish.

Ten Fidy – Oskar Blues
A deep dark brown liquid with a fine brown bubbles that encircle the top. Sweet licorice, toffee, malt and sweet bread aromas introduce this soft and silky beer to the palate with dark fruit, fig and licorice. Bittersweet chocolate and roast coffee burst through as the silky mouthfeel gives way to some carbonation followed by a warming alcohol finish.

Grand Reserve – Chimay
Dark fruit and brown sugar. A very tasty Belgian.

Angels Share – Lost Abbey
Raisins and fig are strong in the nose. The taste is rich and dark with raisin, licorice, wood and vanilla with some hints of brandy. Some alcoholic heat on back. Very delicious.

Pliny the Elder – Russian River
Golden, orange with a sticky lace. Delicious floral hop followed by a punch of grapefruit, then delicious tropical fruit and citrus flavors. Incredible beer!

Damnation – Russian River
Lemony citrus strong clove and spice presence. VEry bright and crisp, definite belgian yeasty quality.

Quelque Chose – Unibroue
Deep red in color with cherry, curran and pomegranate flavors. The fruits faded and turned to a sweet herbal slightly unpleasant cough syrupy taste. Great with ice, very refreshing in small doses.

Chambly Noir – Unibroue
Brown in color, strong banana abd clove in both taste and aroma, some yeast spice. Light and refreshing.

Dark Lord – Three Floyds
2009- dark and thick liquid with a tan ring of foam. Notes of raisin then cocoa powder and a deep and roasty espresso bitterness. Delicious!

2010- less raisin and fig notes. Same delicious cocoa and roasty flavors. This years has some dark cherry flavors that I didn’t pick up with the 2009 I drank side by side.
Both are incredible dark beers. Extremely rich and such an incredible mouthfeel like liquid velvet. Not sure if I like Dark Lord or Black Tuesday better. I think I need another sample!

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