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Beer Review: Oud Beersel Oude Gueuze Vieille

In Gueuze, Reviews on April 8, 2010 at 11:30 pm

This next beer is a Gueuze, which is a Belgian ale.  It is made by blending aged lambics of 1-3 years, then it is aged in the bottle.  Gueuzes are in my opinion, the least approachable beer style.  I’m not saying this in a bad way, it is just that a Gueuze’s flavor profile is the farthest away from the average American idea of beer; it is sour, dry and fruity.

With that being said, many people love Gueuze and I am one of them.  They are very tasty and can seamlessly replace wine for dinner and other pairing options.  Here is my review of this Gueuze:

The liquid is light gold, with a lively and frothy white head.  The beer itself is very clear.

It has a sharp tartness in the nose, some musty and earthy character and lemon zest on the back.

Oud Beersel has a refreshing, crisp and tart flavor with a hint of earthiness and must throughout.  Notes of green apple and lemony sweet twang that rolls into a dry finish.

This beer is very light in body with a refreshing and pleasantly tart taste.  It has great drinkability, the sour flavors are not overwhelming so this would be a great beer to have in the afternoon with lunch, maybe a grilled panini or with a creamy St. Andre and your palate won’t be worn out.

With a best before date on this bottle reading 8-4-2029, it’s an ager! Drink it now or stash it and age it.  The great taste will evolve and improve.

Style: Gueuze

ABV: 6%


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