Liam Deegan

Beer Review: Kulmbacher Eisbock

In Eisbock, Reviews on March 3, 2010 at 7:07 am

This next beer is a German lager, specifically an Eisbock.  It is created by freezing what would be somewhat of a finished beer so the water, which freezes at a higher temperature than alcohol, freezes and can be removed, making the remaining liquid more concentrated and higher in alcohol.  One story is that a forgetful apprentice left bock beer out overnight in the winter and the Eisbock was the result.  However, that’s probably not the case.  This style of beer has the sweetness and alcohol content of a Barleywine but lower in hop profile.  Here’s my review of the Kulmbacher Eisbock:

Pours a deep hazelnut brown color with medium size bubbles creating an off-white head that creates a beautiful contrast over the dark beer.  The smell is primarily sweet malt with a strong raisin and fig aroma.

There is a sweet malty taste upfront with the esters coming through.  Mostly dark fruit with some earthy notes and a warm alcoholic finish.

This beer is full bodied, and definitely something to be enjoyed on a cold winter night by the fire.

The dark fruit flavor might pair well with a dessert cheese plate, while the rich quality could go well with a semi-sweet chocolate, or warm apple pie.  Pop one by the fire after Thanksgiving or during the later winter months, and you won’t be cold much longer.

Style: Eisbock

ABV: 9.2%


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