Liam Deegan

Beer Review: Stone Ruination

In Double IPA, Reviews on February 4, 2010 at 6:06 pm

This is the last of the Stone beers that were immediately available in Louisiana in bottle.  Two notable mentions that aren’t on here are their ’09 Vertical Epic, a Belgian IPA I had on tap on the release night of Stone at the Avenue, and also the Imperial Russian Stout which was really one of the best stouts I’ve had.  It ranks at number 8 as best Imperial Stout on BeerAdvocate which is a pretty big feat–the Imperial Stout category is highly competitive and has many entrances.  Overall, Stone Brewing Co. is a great brewery.  They make great beers and are completely unapologetic about what they do.  I’m happy to have them here in New Orleans.

Pours a light, burnt orange, very clear.  The beautiful amber-orange gives it an amazing radiant quality, looks delicious and refreshing.  The beer is topped off by a stark white, frothy head that leaves a consistent sticky lacing.

There is a hint of grain and malt in the nose with citrus and a resin-like hop aromas.  Notes of grapefruit, some bread and herbal, green pine.

Subtle sweet malt up front on the palate which immediately rolls back into a citrus grapefruit followed by a bitter and lingering pine finish.

It is a very clean, crisp and refreshing beer.  More balanced than I remember it was when I got it on draft at The Avenue.  The bitterness is not overwhelming but might be for some, so don’t make this your first IPA.

My opinion is that this beer is best enjoyed on a hot afternoon for that much anticipated first beer of the evening.  Also great for the beach, on a deck or patio watching the sun set to match the color of this gorgeous beer, especially since it will go great with chips and salsa.

Style: Double IPA

ABV: 7.7%


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