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Beer Review: Spaten Optimator

In Reviews on October 28, 2009 at 12:47 am

DSC_0145Today is an exciting day for beer, well it’s been an exciting month!  So far Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout came out, then Stone here in Louisiana, today Black Tuesday, let alone next month The Abyss comes out!  My fridge is quickly filling up with beer, that I am slowly drinking, reviewing and posting here and on BeerAdvocate.  After I finish up this little section on Doppelbocks and those that I have, I am most likely going to post a section on my favorite brewery, Brooklyn Brewery, and the two seasonals, Oktoberfest and BCS.  Stone will follow.  I am behind with timely posts, I know but with school and work, I have been buying beer at a way higher rate than consuming it, which is probably a good thing… Anyway, back to today’s big news.

The Bruery, has released Black Tuesday an hour ago, it it will be sold out probably within the next hour.  The highly praised and much anticipated Imperial Stout is only available at the Bruery’s brewery at 4:30 today in Placentia, California.  They have given out an allocation 660 to members of their club that were reserved well more than a month in advance.  Today they only had 1000 to sell, and I’m almost 2,000 miles away in New Orleans…Fortunately, my good buddy Harris lives in SoCal!  He was so on it that he got the 8th place in line out of 1200! So good looks Harris… I’m jealous though because he gets to taste Black Tuesday fresh from the origin, meet some crazy Cali beer geeks, and gets to try the Chocolate Rain (a special cask conditioning of Black Tuesday with Vanilla Bean and Cocoa nibs in it).  It sounds delicious.  He even made their Twitter page! (yellow shirt). So I’m taking this opportunity to thank him for coming through big time, and I will post a review when I taste this rare brew.

The next doppelbock up is one from Spaten, a German brewery with a long history. It is one of the heavyweights in Germany, now owned by InBev.  This is one of the benchmark doppelbocks and a very good representation of a tradition style beer.  Here is my review:

This is another lighter than expected doppelbock.  Pours a deep dark brown not nearly as light as the Salvator, with a minimal frothy off white head that quickly diminishes to a surface lace, leaving behind very little lacing.

The smell is very nutty with some licorice undertones, not overpowering, very nice subtle smell to it.  I can hardly detect the alcohol.

Sweet malt rolls over the front of the tongue, with a touch of that licorice and nutty flavor, followed by a roasty flavor hitting the back towards the end with a hot alcoholic finish.

This is a nicely carbonated beer, more than I expected from the style.  It leaves the mouth feeling a bit sticky, but not overly so, which can be a negative thing in my opinion when drinking a dark doppelbock.

Definitely a drinkable beer, it is pretty crisp while cold, and as it warms up more licorice comes out and it becomes a bit more sticky, so maybe not an all night beer.  Another reason for this, as with most doppelbocks is that it is higher in alcohol and is something that could sneak up on you in just a few beers, so enjoy, but watch out, this ain’t a Twizzler!

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