Liam Deegan

The Death of Cool

In Fermented Thought on September 24, 2009 at 6:16 pm

Can you hear that?  It’s the sound of previous generations laughing at us.  They are laughing as we sip vodka and sugary energy drink cocktails and dance around to over-produced electronic non-sense.  The bars that are hip with our generation are filled with absurd lights, frosted bottles of vodka, overpriced everything and shots that could be marketed with Kool-Aid and Capri Sun.  The way the clubs are now, Cool can be bought from a bottle menu.  Not so in the days of James Dean, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, who earned their cool, and especially weren’t drinking a peach-flavored vodka with Red Bull and grenadine.

What happened?  What has shaken the source of cool?  Cool preceded us in tailored suits, cigarette smoke and whiskey.  Now $70 T-shirts that look like a 5th grader’s first experience with glitter and a Bedazzler are paired with 64 calorie seltzer waters marketed as beer.  Some pop-culture junkies make snide remarks about Zima and laugh.  Wake up! The Zima epidemic is still upon us.   Certain things have changed since it lost popularity, but the mentality is the same.  What is wrong with the past?  Perhaps being cool became too dangerous, too unhealthy, but it is that spirit that brought this nation to be what it is.  Whiskey is the life-blood of America, the immigrants that came here and ended up being flushed from the Whiskey Rebellion of Pennsylvania into Canada and Kentucky, fed the nation its aqua-vitae.  It is a shame to see what popular consumption has become.

Sinatra once said you’re not somebody until you walk in a club through the kitchen.  Now people make sure they are seen walking in the front door with flash bulbs going off.  I think if Sinatra was in a club today, one glimpse of the Patron/Grey Goose crowd would have him walking out ANY door, shaking his head.


"Cool picture. At the Fountainbleu, Miami Beach. Frank is probably just
arriving back from the night before." - J. Deegan

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