Liam Deegan

Tapping the Subject

In Fermented Thought on September 24, 2009 at 7:29 am

Alcohol one of the most interesting substances in human history, and has perhaps the longest history.  It is in my opinion one of the perennial favorite of things to consume, with food in close second.  Those in opposition consider this: when has “let’s grab a sandwich.” Outweighed “Let’s grab a drink,” by either favorable response or frequency of use? And anyone from perfect strangers to the closest married couple can share a drink, and I don’t believe the former could enjoy a meal comfortably.

I also find alcohol a staple of humanity, both from its use and as a product.  It is heavily branded, and marketed.  Much more than any food or tobacco product if I still haven’t convinced those of you who support either of those two consumable products.  Soda and fast food, perhaps the two most marketed and branded products in the world don’t have the audience or reach that alcohol does.  What adds to the mystique of something that accepted products like food or soda don’t have is that there is large group of people who oppose alcohol, a group that rivals those opposed to tobacco.  Alcohol is an anomaly.  It is as abused as any drug, yet accepted and consumed as any food.  It has a romantic and exciting history and its industry is laced with, more tradition and legacy than an American automobile company.  Alcohol has too much appeal to deny as a subject of study.

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