Liam Deegan

Beer and The Sun

In Fermented Thought on September 24, 2009 at 7:42 am

Beer, to me, can be greatly compared with the sun.  Both have life giving vitality and refreshment qualities, both are awe-inspiring, and both are among the list of things that make life so great.  When combined, it can be an unparalleled experience of true bliss.  One interesting thing I notice when admiring a glass of beer at its peak, I often compare it to the sun.  Barleywines or an amber colored beer reminds me of a lingering sunset before it dips below the horizon, blasting a deep fiery reddish orange across the sky, it is nature at its most passionate, when the orange meets the deep blue night sky in a purple and blue transition.  Such is the feeling that a deep brick colored beer does for me.  Or perhaps the crispness of a sunny day, captured in a bubbly, bright pilsner.  A hefeweizen resembles an early afternoon as the noon sun is dimmed a bit as the sunset begins.  And a stout or porter represents deep midnight, perhaps the best time to enjoy a Russian Imperial Stout, as a nightcap, or on a moonless winter night.  The sun and beer imitate each other and maybe even suggest when the best time is to enjoy the style by when one mimics the appearance of the other.

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